The complete tool to manage and automate your Digital Marketing activities

RD Station Marketing brings together the essential tools for your company to effectively manage and automate your Digital Marketing activities: attract visitors to your website, turn them into business opportunities, close deals and monitor all your results, all in one place.

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Attract qualified visitors to your website

It all begins getting the attention of the right people to your business. RD Station Marketing enables you to optimize your website for search engines, manage your social media posts and create Facebook Ads, all for driving quality traffic to your website.

Turn visitors into Leads and business opportunities

Turn unknown visitors into business contacts ready to build a relationship with your company. With RD Station Marketing you can easily build Landing Pages, forms and popups without needing the support of developers.

Build relationships with your contacts throughout the process

Learn how each customer interacts with your company and deliver the right action at the right time. Manage and keep the complete history of all contacts in your base, create email campaigns and automate the nurturing and relationships activities.

Close more deals

It is possible to monitor the activities of your new contacts and rank each one of them automatically according to their potential to become a client. More advanced contacts on the buyer’s journey get a higher score and, thus you hand to the sales team only the real business opportunities, increasing your chances of closing more deals.

Plan and analyze results

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is to know exactly the return each campaign and each channel brings to your business. Analyse results and generate reports in a practical way to understand the real return on your investments, making sound decisions to the future. You can also create action plans with deadlines and assign people to be responsible for it to ensure each project runs successfully - after all, planning and digital marketing go hand in hand.

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All features you need to implement your digital marketing strategy

From top to bottom of the sales funnel, RD Station Marketing offers all the structure you need to automate and manage your digital marketing activities. Learn more about some of them:

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Social Media

Plan a solid digital presence. With RD Station you can schedule your posts in week and month calendars, editing, viewing and scheduling your posts on social media - do not lose a single important date.

Facebook Ads

Boost your results combining content creation with paid media. Manage your Facebook Ads directly on RD Station Marketing and shorten your visitor’s path to your webpages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let your audience find you. From a website and keyword analysis, RD Station Marketing indicates the best way to get your webpages to the top of search engines such as Google.

Landing pages, forms and popups

Turn your visitors into business opportunities. Easily create popups, forms and landing pages without needing a design team. Our smart forms only ask information from your contacts you don’t have.

Email Marketing

Stand out in your contacts inbox. With RD Station you create email campaigns in a drag & drop editor, have access to different email templates, segmentation possibilities and a complete report to measure the performance of your campaigns.

A/B Testing

Optimize the performance of your email campaigns. With the A/B testing tool you can launch different versions of the same page or campaign, detecting the one which pleases your audience the most and repeating the success in future activities.

Marketing Automation

Set up your marketing activities according to the profile and interactions of your leads during the buyer’s journey, and automate your sales process.

Contact monitoring

Keep track of your contacts during the buyer’s journey. Find out what path your contacts run through until they close the deal, monitoring their interactions with your webpages. So you know at what funnel stage they are, and can mark them automatically as a business opportunity.

Contact Management and Lead Scoring

Manage your contacts and identify those who are ready to buy. The contact base gathers all the information in one place, and the Lead Scoring automatically assigns a punctuation for them according to their profiles and and interests, reducing the overload in your sales team.

Success plans

Plan your activities and make sure they are running successfully. RD Station Marketing enables you to create projects and to-do lists, sharing deadlines and accountability with your team, in order to have an efficient deliveries.


Track the performance of your activities and plan your next steps. RD Station offers reports of your sales funnel and the performance of your Digital Marketing campaigns per channel.

BI Marketing

Gain business intelligence. Marketing BI is a advanced analysis tool which enables you to know the financial return your campaigns are bringing in each channel. You can also measure the length of your sales cycle to support future decisions and investments.

Integrate your RD Station Marketing to more than 100 apps

RD Station Marketing is a complete digital marketing tool, but it gets even better when integrated to other tools used in your company. We have an extensive network of integration partners to cover your client’s buyer journey from the beginning to the end.

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