We are RDoers

Behind RD Station is a group of passionate people working for your business: with proven methodologies, teams ready to provide all the support you might need and content creators who always share their most interesting discoveries with the world.

Thousands of companies have transformed the future of their business since their first interaction with us and our products. And they’ll continue transforming!

Discover our Values

Discover RD Station’s set of beliefs and values: what we believe, practice and value here inside (and outside too). At RD Station, knowing and embracing our Culture Code is essential!

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The Culture Code is a document that serves a number of purposes: a guide for the company’s employees, material for attracting new people to the team, selection criteria and performance evaluation, a north star to guide the evolution of our daily routines and, ultimately, even as a “manifest” of how we think work should be in most places.


Internal programs

Our programs create constant learning and development opportunities for RDoers. In addition, we believe in the power of Diversity and Inclusion to build an environment that allows everyone to feel 100% comfortable to be exactly who and how they want to be.


Program of physical and psychological quality of life and well-being.


Diversity in all its forms: SER, Pride to Be, Preto no Preto, RD Moms e RD SUM.


Our RDoers have a career plan aligned with the company.


Development and training, feedback programs and consultancy.


We are recognized as a great place to work. Says who? Our own employees — and some awards we’ve collected over the years. Take a look!

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Open positions

Do you want to be part of a meaningful and intense movement in a company that does not stop growing? You can be what we are looking for to go even further in this market's (r)evolution.