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My Journey

Every successful strategy begins with planning. That’s why, in RD Station Marketing, you’ll find “My Journey”: An interactive guide to help your business achieve its goals, aided by educational content, to-do lists, definition of people in charge and deadlines.

Attract qualified visitors to your website

The second step is to grab the attention of the right people for your business. RD Station Marketing allows you to optimize your site for search engines, manage your social media posts and create Facebook ads; all to bring you more quality traffic.

Convert Visitors into Leads and business opportunities

Convert unknown visitors into business contacts ready to build a relationship with your company. With RD Station Marketing you can easily create Landing Pages, forms and Pop-ups without having to write code.

Build relationships with your contacts throughout their journey

Learn how each customer interacts with your company and deliver the right action at the right time. Manage and maintain a complete contact base history, create email campaigns and automate your customer relationship building activities.

Close more deals

Monitor your contacts’ activities and rank each one of them automatically, based on their potential to become a customer. Contacts that are further along the Buyer's Journey receive a higher score. As a result, you hand off to the sales team only high-intent business opportunities, increasing your chances of closing more deals.

Analyze your results, optimize the process and demonstrate ROI

One of the biggest advantages of Digital Marketing is knowing the exact return that each campaign and each channel brings to your business. Analyze all the results and generate reports in a practical way in order to understand the real return on your investment, making sound decisions for the future.

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With RD Station Marketing, we’ve achieved 32 percent growth within just the last 8 months. But most impressively, we’ve achieved this milestone growth impact after 2 years of stagnation.

Fábio Gurgel, Alliance Jiu Jitsu

Plans for those who want to begin or evolve their Digital Marketing strategy

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Light Plan

Capture and engage contacts with ease

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  • Landing Pages (lead capture pages)
  • Pop-ups
  • Email Marketing
  • Basic Marketing Automation (email sequences)
  • Contact management
  • Integrations with various tools you already use

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Pro Plan

Manage and automate your actions in one place

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  • Complete marketing automation
  • Advanced contact segmentation
  • Workflow ROI analysis
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Custom implementation

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All the features you need to implement your digital marketing strategy

RD Station Marketing covers your sales funnel from top to bottom. It offers all the structure you need to automate and manage your digital marketing activities, including:

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My Journey

The easiest way to help your company reach its Digital Marketing goals. Set your goal and we'll help you outline the strategy to achieve it. Understand what to do throughout each phase of your journey and rely on Success Plans to help you carry out your actions.

Success Plans

Plan your actions and make sure they are being successfully carried out. RD Station Marketing allows you to create projects and to-do lists, sharing deadlines and people in charge with your team to ensure efficient results delivery.

Social Media

Plan a solid digital presence. With RD Station Marketing you can set your posts in weekly and monthly calendars, edit, view and schedule your social media posts--never miss out on important dates ever again.

Facebook Ads

Boost your results by combining content creation with paid media. Manage your Facebook Ads directly in RD Station Marketing and make it easier for visitors to reach your webpages. Generate Leads directly via native integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

Keywords dashboard by SEMRush

By tracking search volume and keyword competitiveness, your company is able to find out what content your potential customers are looking for and adapt the strategy to improve its Google ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let your audience find you. Based on analysis of your website and important keywords for your business, RD Station Marketing suggests the best way to get your webpages to the top of organic rankings for search engines such as Google.

Landing pages, Forms, and Pop⁠-⁠ups

Convert your visitors into business opportunities. Easily create Pop-ups, Forms and Landing Pages without a design team. Our smart Forms ask your contacts only for information that you don’t already have.

Email Marketing

Stand out in your contacts’ inboxes. With RD Station Marketing you can create email campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor, as well as access different email templates, segmentation possibilities and a complete report to measure your campaigns’ performance.

A/B Testing

Optimize the performance of your email campaigns. With the A/B testing tool you can launch different versions of the same page or campaign, keeping track of best performance among your audience and replicating the success in future activities.

Marketing Automation

Set up your marketing activities according to your Leads’ profiles and interactions during the Buyer’s Journey, and automate your sales process.

Contact Monitoring

Keep track of your contacts’ engagement throughout the Buyer’s Journey. Discover their implicit and explicit signals until closing a deal by monitoring their interactions with your webpages. This way you can detect what funnel stage they are at and identify them as a business opportunity.

Contact management and Lead Scoring

Manage your contacts and identify those who are ready to buy. The contact base gathers all information in a single place, and Lead Scoring automatically assigns a score for each according to their profiles and and interests, thereby reducing the burden on your sales team.


Track the performance of your campaigns and plan your next steps. RD Station Marketing offers detailed reports about your sales funnel and the performance of your Digital Marketing campaigns by channel.

BI Marketing

Gain business intelligence. BI Marketing is an advanced analysis tool which allows you to discover the revenue your campaigns are bringing in, per channel. You can also measure your sales cycle duration to inform you of the right decisions for your future investment.

Double confirmation

Get confirmation from your leads via email and boost your Email Marketing results. With Double confirmation, you get automatic email confirmation from your leads, making sure they want to receive your emails and, consequently, increasing your base's engagement with your content.