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Make the implementation of digital marketing strategies more efficient

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RD Station Marketing, the most widely used Marketing Automation tool for companies in Brazil, according to Datanyze (2018)

RD Station Marketing is a software application that helps your company carry out better campaigns, nurture leads, generate qualified business opportunities and achieve more results. From social media to email, Landing Pages, Pop-ups, even Automations and Analytics.

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Information from Marketing to Sales in a single place to ensure predictable results

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Companies that already use RD Station Marketing

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In addition to the software, real people supporting* your digital strategy

*available in the Pro plan

Save time and generate results with RD Station Marketing


Attract more visitors


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Make the implementation of digital marketing strategies more efficient

No more using multiple separate tools and losing track of information along the way! We are what's known as an all-in-one tool: we bring key digital marketing resources together in a single place for your operation to be more effective.

Easily create
campaigns that work

RD Station Marketing is easy to use because its features are simple yet powerful and contain dozens of templates - such as Landing Pages, Pop-ups, emails - for several occasions and sectors that you can customize according to your campaign.

Create personalized journeys

Send the right message at the right time and develop a personalized journey for each person. Automate tasks and increase your team’s productivity.

Identify the best opportunities

Better understand your audience based on the information captured on your pages and forms. Define criteria to automatically identify Leads that are more likely to buy and send qualified opportunities to sales.

Leave uncertainty behind and verify results

Instead of performing a series of isolated actions without knowing which one works, gather the information of all your contacts and their actions across different channels using analytics resources to prove that Digital Marketing brings more sales and customers.

Camilli Calixto - Customer Success Specialist

Your results are very important to us

It’s your company

  • Expected Results

    With the support of the onboarding specialist*, you can reap the initial results of your strategy in just the first few weeks.
  • *available in the Pro plan

  • Ongoing support

    Team of Specialists:
    We know that continuous support is important. Therefore, after this initial period, you can count on our team of customer success specialists to follow-up and support the optimization of your strategy with RD Station Marketing, so you continue to generate results in every phase of your journey, gaining more independence along the way.

  • Responsive support in your language

    Nosso time de suporte técnico está disponível quando você precisar, com uma taxa de satisfação de 97% entre nossos clientes e um tempo médio de resolução de 6 horas. E o melhor: tudo isso em português.

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Nothing beats hands-on learning

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We organize our features based on the Marketing and Sales funnel, just as you organize your operation.


Planning means having a solid foundation for predictable results. And we support you in this!

My Journey

Set your goal and use the detailed step-by-step templates of all the stages that need to be done in order to put the best Digital Marketing strategies into practice.

Success Plans

Create projects and to-do lists, sharing deadlines and task owners with your team to deliver results efficiently.


Create content that is relevant to your audience and attract visitors to your company's channels

Social Networks

Plan your posts in weekly and monthly calendars, editing, viewing and scheduling your social media posts.

Facebook Ads

Manage your Facebook ads directly from RD Station Marketing and create remarketing strategies for your Leads.

Virtual Display Window (Beta)

Create a catalog to promote your products or services on Instagram.

Keywords dashboard by SEMRush

Track keyword search volume and competitiveness to be able to improve the positioning of your results in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Allow your audience to find you. Based on an analysis of your website and important keywords for your business, RD Station Marketing suggests the best way to get your webpages to the top of organic rankings for search engines such as Google.


Capture the data of visitors and turn them into Leads

Landing pages, forms, and Pop-ups

Easily create responsive pages, Pop-ups, and forms to promote offers and convert visitors to Leads.

WhatsApp Buttons (new!)

Speak with visitors to your website at the right time via WhatsApp and automatically capture contact information in RD Station Marketing.


Develop strategies to advance your Leads through the Buyer's Journey

Lead Base

Gather all the information about your contacts in a single place. View their history, see the pages visited, information captured and engagement with your actions.

Lead Segmentation

Talk to the right person by segmenting your campaigns and automated workflows. Separate your contacts using dozens of criteria and better understand the profile of your base.


Create campaigns with your own identity using our drag & drop editor or use our email templates. Monitor the performance with complete engagement reports.

Marketing Automation

Go beyond email sequences. Automate your Sales funnel and prove the ROI of your workflows. Create a personalized experience at scale for your Leads and guide them to the purchase, in less time. Keep your sellers always busy, sending them opportunities automatically.


Track your Leads throughout the entire buyer's journey. Discover the route they take before closing a deal by monitoring the interactions with your pages.


Generate the best business opportunities for your company

Lead Qualification

Identify Leads most likely to purchase by automatically assigning scores based on profile and interest, and generate more qualified opportunities with Lead Scoring.

Sales Automation

Keep your sellers always busy, sending them qualified opportunities automatically. Assign Leads by seller or distribute them randomly among your team.

Integration with CRM

Connect your Marketing and Sales strategies by integrating RD Station Marketing with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Agendor and many more.


Constantly track your process and optimize your actions

Funnel and Goals

Create your Marketing and Sales funnel, defining steps and goals for each, and track your results daily.


Receive daily and weekly reports to keep up with the results of your Marketing campaigns. For each new Lead generated or new conversion, you will also be notified.

Channel analysis

Carry out performance analyses, filtering by campaign type or channel, and find out exactly which ones are delivering the best results in each period.


Gain business intelligence with personalized reporting and advanced analytics that show you the financial return of your campaigns, your sales cycle and much more!


Ensure more engaged contacts and fulfill legal requirements


Count on native resources to support you in making your Marketing and Sales strategies compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Double Opt-In

Validate that your contacts actually exist with the double opt-in of your leads via email to increase engagement with your campaigns.

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