Pricing Packages - RD Station Marketing

Basic Package

Basic Package

R$369 /month

minimum length of contract: 12 months

up to 5.000 contacts

more training package mandatory
from R$1.490,00

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To get started with Inbound Marketing

  • SEO Analysis
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Basic Marketing Automation
  • and more


Pro Package

Pro Package

R$759 /month

minimum length of contract: 12 months

up to 5.000 contacts

more training package mandatory
from R$1.490,00

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To automate processes and increase sales

  • All features of the
    Basic Package... plus:
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Integrations
Enterprise Package

Enterprise Package

R$ 1.989 /month

minimum length of contract: 12 months

up to 5.000 contacts

more training package mandatory
from R$83290,00

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To take your business intelligence to the next level

  • All features of the
    Pro Package... plus:
  • BI Marketing Analysis of channels, campaigns
    and business
  • Unlimited users

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Your personalized package:
Package Pro

R$839,00 /month

annual contract,
equivalent to R$8.988,00/year

For up to 10.000 contacts

+ training package mandatory:

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The training package is mandatory and essential to guide and enable you to achieve your desired results.

Payment for the training package is made separately in up to 3 installments.

For Digital Marketing beginners

Leads Generation$530

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Relationship by E-mail$530

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For businesses that want to scale their marketing strategies

Customer Journey Automation$900

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Leads Generation and Automation$900

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For agencies that want to join our Partner Program

RD Station Partner Program Starter Package$900

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Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes. RD Station Marketing's minimum contract period is 12 months, after which it may be extended for an indefinite period. The 12-month period was determined based on our experience with our customers. When committed to a full year they tend to be more successful in the long term - and we want to see our customers succeed. If you cancel the contract within the first year, please note that fees may apply. For more details, please access our Service Agreement.

Do I need to contract a guided training package?

Yes. When subscribing to RD Station Marketing, we want you to get the most out of the tool, aligning your Digital Marketing strategies with your use of the software. For that to happen you need guidance during the implementation of RD Station Marketing in your company. During this initial period you’ll have your own Implementation Manager, responsible for developing and implementing your RD Station Marketing onboarding project. That’s how you’re going to learn to set up and use the platform, assemble integration plans and import data from other systems, and learn about each and every feature of our tool. During the implementation period you’ll also start getting your first results.

Can I add users to my account?

Yes. You can add up to 7 users in the Basic Package and up to 15 in the Pro Package.

How does the package upgrade work?

You can upgrade your Basic and Pro subscription package at any time. To upgrade, just notify your account manager about the change.

What payment methods are accepted?

RD Station Marketing subscription fees can be paid monthly, half-yearly or annually, by internationally accepted credit card. All transactions are secure. Image_Credit_debit_card

Are there any other fees involved in using RD Station Marketing?

No. Once you subscribe to RD Station Marketing and the guided training package, there is no other fee related to the monthly payment. Any additional options (e.g. dedicated IP) will be paid separately. All such additional options are clearly displayed in the features tab.

What are Leads/Contacts?

A contact (or Lead) basically means a prospective customer in your RD Station Marketing database. A contact is identified by their email address or other information they provide when filling in a form on your website or when importing an email list to RD Station Marketing.

What happens if I exceed the the number of Leads/contacts in my package?

When you increase the size of your Lead base in RD Station Marketing, the charge will be automatically reflected in your next bill, in accordance with the pre-defined levels in the table on this page. Don't worry, you won’t be caught by surprise! RD Station Marketing will alert you about the change in the number of contacts when you exceed the contracted limit. This way, you're always aware of any changes.

How does the free trial work?

When you request a free trial of RD Station Marketing, you will have access to the Pro version of the software, which will be available for 7 days, free of charge. We do not ask for your credit card details and we will not automatically charge following the free trial period, nor do we automatically subscribe you to any of our packages. If, at the end of the trial period, you would like to subscribe to RD Station Marketing, you can do so by contacting one of our consultants. To request a free trial, click here.

What if I have any questions while using RD Station Marketing?

You can always rely on your Account Manager for any questions you might have. Additionally, we have a support team that will respond to you within 24 hours, regardless of your subscription package. You can also find answers to your questions in our Help Center or deepen your understanding on the RD Station Marketing Blog. If you prefer the social media approach, you are always welcome to get in touch via our Facebook page.