Together, we build inspiring businesses for everyone

Our story begins like that of many of our customers: a group of people passionate about an idea, who found a way to grow and evolve in the digital world..

Since our foundation, RD Station has not only expanded its team. We have also become one of the most vibrant groups in the market - and the preferred platform for companies that want to make their mark!

How do we achieve all this? With our products, education materials and ecosystem, we empower the heroes and heroines that grow the economy, leaving a genuine legacy of valuable relationships, impressive results and lasting partnerships..

What we do

Do you want to discover new possibilities for your business in the digital world? Or maybe you’ve gone down this road before and just want to find a better way. Want to connect with your audience? Or maybe just improve internal processes to evolve and develop your team — and your business — as much as possible!

Whatever reason has brought you here, RD Station has a platform of solutions, a fully integrated hub with which you can take your company’s sales, marketing and growth efforts to the next level.


Each of RD Station’s solutions was designed to develop your company and the people who work in it. Combined, they are a business accelerator that transforms strategies into impressive results.

We empower the heroes, heroines and scale-ups that grow the economy

Our role is to make life easier for you and your business by presenting solutions to time-consuming problems that keep you from achieving even greater growth and your goals. We want to encourage you to discover new perspectives and open your mind to new possibilities.

Our ecosystem

Being part of the growth and the history of several companies and of the market is something that puts a sparkle in our eye. We contribute to the development of a strong ecosystem that combines a powerful methodology, renowned products, satisfied customers, an incredible partner program and a range of education materials.

Want content? You got it!

Contributing to educating the market has always been one of our main objectives. That’s why we offer materials in a variety of formats, such as ebooks, courses, live streams, webinars, lectures and much more.

Resultados Digitais

Our platform for Digital Marketing and Sales media, content and education, where audiences can learn a little more about topics relevant to their business.

Resultados Digitais

Our brand for media, content and education focused on agencies, with more complex topics related to the universe of Digital Marketing.

Resultados Digitais

Courses dedicated to the evolution of professionals in the digital market, with exclusive access for customers and partner agencies.



With intuitive and practical tools, you can expand in a predictable, scalable, and measurable way. Transform your business into a real growth machine!

Resultados Digitais

Boost results and save time by managing and automating your Digital Marketing actions in a single place.


Boost results and save time by managing and automating your Digital Marketing actions in a single place.


Faça parte do movimento de mais de 2000 agências que apresentam serviços de alto valor agregado aos nossos clientes.


Always evolve and innovate: connect to our events!

They have already become a benchmark due to the quality of content, perfect atmosphere for conducting business and sharing experiences. People from completely different sectors and at completely different stages of growth have and live experiences - not to mention they feel at home - when we organize our historic events.

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The largest Digital Marketing and Sales event in Latin America. Magnetic, inspiring and unmissable. In our last edition, we brought together more than 12,000 attendees. You can’t miss out on the next one!

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We take to the road to hold our touring event, which brings together local communities and brings the essence of the RD Summit to all of Brazil. Hitch a ride and join this experience!

Resultados Digitais

100% online. We open the doors to a new Marketing and Sales event for you to seek development in the way that most suits you and makes you feel, quite literally, at home.













Executive Committee

Eric Santos


Founder e Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Guilherme Lopes


Founder e Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Bruno Ghisi


Founder e Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Erika Tornice


Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Bernardo Brandão


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Raphael Duarte


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Rodrigo Pinto


Vice-President of Operations

Receives investment from:

We received our first angel investment in December 2012, coincidentally at the same time we reached the milestone of our first 100 customers. Since then, we've had four investment rounds, each one featuring follow-on investment from the existing funds, totaling more than US$ 85 million. The last round alone, in August 2019, raised US$50 million. In March 2021, we announced the acquisition of RD Station by TOTVS for R$ 1.86 billion.

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RD Station Marketing

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Para esta empresa, crise foi superada com funcionários satisfeitos


Em 2 anos, CRM da RD atinge 90 mil usuários e cresce nove vezes em faturamento