More sales. Less costs. Return on investment.

A partnership program that is generating real results for more than 1500 agencies and consultancies all over the world.

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Following the worst financial year of their business, Agência Surf became a partner and grew 900% with 60x more recurring revenue.

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Partner clients generating results

Why partner with RD Station?

We help you sell more.

We’ll train your agency with effective Inbound Sales techniques so you can start closing new sales.

We propose a service model in Inbound Marketing

We’ll help you set up your Inbound Marketing portfolio (you'll be amazed at the profitability).

We help you measure and track results

We’ll teach your team how to submit reports that show real gains to their customers: leads and sales.

Exclusive Consulting

We will apply the same strategies we use in our day to day that helped us grow more than 100% in the last year.

Exclusive training, content and tools

We will teach you the best practices in the world so you can structure your Digital Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams.

Have RD Station for free since the beginning of your partnership

As soon as you get a first customer to use RD Station software, you gain access to RD Station for free (up to 5,000 contacts).

RD Station
for free
Marcelo Furtado Marcelo Furtado

When we stopped celebrating big sales, we realized that RD Station was a success: it became a routine to sell within Convenia.

Marcelo Furtado, Co-founder

Isabela Mendes

One of the greatest benefits that our Agency had with the partnership was the support that RD gave and continues to give us. We have questions, we need to structure our growth, we need commercial support, in short, because we are a lean company, it is very important for us to be able to count on RD. This is the partnership’s advantage: it’s a real partnership.

Isabela Mendes, Director at

Agência Surf

Be part of our partnership program

We are more than 500 professionals and we will teach everything we have done to build more than 1500 success stories for partner agencies throughout Brazil.

Agência Clint
Astrus Web
Agência Surf
Agência Mestre

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Who can be an RD Partner?

  • Digital and specialized agencies

  • Full-service agencies

  • Content Producers

  • Marketing and Sales Consulting firms

  • Design Companies and Press Advisories

And any company that offers Digital Marketing services

It is gratifying to help several companies grow with us, generate jobs and significantly change their businesses. We have already learned a lot about this process and I have no doubt that the RD methodology is a way for many other people and companies to achieve their dreams as well.

Eric Santos, CEO at

How our partnership program works:


Start using RD Station in your own agency.

Generate real results in leads and sales. Free from the beginning

Setting up RD Station is the first step. Use all the features with maximum potential and outperform your competitors.


Get a specialized RD Consultancy

Build a growth strategy

Getting certified in RD Station course will enable you to use all features and attract more customers.


Have your own Success Advisor

To set the course for the best results

Count on our Business Consultant throughout the sales process to build successful proposals (with maximum contribution margins).

We have 4 different levels of partnership. One of them fits you perfectly:

Parceria Bronze

A program for those who are starting and seeking to increase their revenue

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Parceria Silver

A program for those who want to increase team productivity

Learn more
Parceria Gold

A program for those looking for scalability and better results for customers

Learn more
Parceria Diamond

A program for those who want to expand their business and empower their team

Learn more

What do you get by becoming an partner?

With the RD Partner certificate your agency wins the expert seal in Inbound Marketing and RD Station

And much more…

The reasons why

All you need to know about becoming an RD Partner Agency and start generating real results for you and your customers:

  1. Marketplace

    Find out how your agency can get into the select group of agencies we recommend to our clients.

  2. Co-Marketing

    Discover how you can create content along with RD to generate more and more leads for your agency.

  3. Success stories

    Find out how you can share your success stories on RD website and gain authority for your agency.

  4. X-ray

    Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your agency, evaluated by a team of RD experts.

  5. Monthly training

    Find out what trainings you will receive every month from each of our experts - unique to your agency.

  6. Courses and certifications

    Find out how you can become an Inbound Marketing expert and create more profitable projects.

  7. Educational Content

    Find out how to access partner study materials to stay ahead of your competitors.

  8. Management tools

    Find out what unique RD productivity tools are used to increase the ROI of your projects projetos.

  9. Partner Awards

    Discover how the benefits of participating (and being awarded) in the Partner Awards contest can help your agency be more recognized.

  10. RD Summit

    Find out the benefits RD partners have to participate in the RD Summit and generate new businesses.

  11. RD Summit Business Fair

    Discover how to take advantage of participating in the RD Summit Business Fair - exclusive for partners.

  12. RD On The Road

    Discover why taking part in RD On The Road is beneficial for your agency to increase brand awereness and attract new customers.

  13. Exclusive Blog for Agencies

    Find out why we created a blog with agency-only content and share great content.

  14. Exclusive Newsletter

    Find out why participating in an exclusive email group will make your agency gain competitive advantage.

André Bernert

The attention that RD gives to partners is essential. When we have partners who show us where we can improve, things evolve and we evolve much faster. In addition, another important point is the tool part. RD Station gives us a lot of resources, so we can work well with the Leads and get them going in the buying process.

André Bernert, CEO

Agência Clint
MC Consultoria
Ponto Design

They are already partners. Join them:

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