RD Station Partner Program Starter Package

What is it?

It comprises a 6-month period dedicated to the implementation and training of the new RD Station partner.

For whom:

Marketing service providers who are RD Station partners and who will use RD Station Marketing to perform actions for their customers.

Expected results:

  • Adoption and confidence to take advantage of all features of RD Station Marketing;
  • Deliver success to your first clients according to RD Station’s methodology;
  • Acquire new agency customers;
  • Get your team trained and certified as a Results Agency.


During this period, the partner will be able to count on three (3) support pillars. They are:

1. Engage Implementation Consulting

During the first 7 weeks, the partner will receive training on how to use RD Station Marketing and how to offer Inbound Marketing services. Consulting services consist of weekly meetings with your implementation manager, aimed at developing Digital Marketing actions for the agency’s first RD Station Marketing customer.

2. New Business Consulting

Upon joining the RD Station Partner program, the agency will also count on the support of a new business consultant. This professional’s objective is to guide the partner in matters related to new customers and their classification as prospects, putting together the briefing and business proposal, as well as providing support in the form of negotiation advice to close deals and acquire new customers.

3. Results Agency Certification

The agency has until the end of the Starter period to obtain the Results Agency Certification, comprising courses in four (4) areas: marketing, sales, customer success and management.


Engagement requirements

  • One person responsible for monitoring the implementation and training phase;
  • One person responsible for running the tasks during the implementation and training phase;
  • One person responsible for technical setups during the implementation, oriented by our consultants.