Implementation: Customer Journey Automation

Corresponds to the 3rd phase of RD Station’s “Growth Machine” methodology

Exclusive for Pro and Enterprise package users

Recommended for:

Businesses that already have a digital marketing process with:

  • Recurring lead generation (at least 50/month) or more than 200 valid contacts
  • Published conversion pages
  • Sales to Leads generated online

And that want to automate internal processes such as routing opportunities to the sales team, qualifying contacts, or even sending automatic responses.

*It is advisable to have a content production structure in order to develop a complete email marketing strategy

Project duration:

6 weeks


6 Video tutorials to be viewed at your convenience + 6 hours of meetings with your implementation consultant in order to adapt the content to the reality of your business, evaluate campaign materials and guide the project.

Expected Results:

  • Initial Setup of RD Station Marketing;
  • Structuring the Buyer’s Journey;
  • Activation of Two (2) Workflow Automations;
  • Results Analysis.


Customer engagement needed for the project:

  • One person responsible for monitoring the implementation and training phase.
  • One person responsible for running the tasks during the implementation and training phase.
  • One person responsible for technical setups during the implementation.