For software to meet customers’ needs, as well as keep up with the technological advances and challenges of the market, it must be in a constant state of transformation. And it’s not enough to simply change — it must evolve together with the evolving needs of customers.

Over the years we have come to learn this, and that’s why the new features and enhancements announced here are the result of constant collaboration with our customers. We are at the beginning of this journey and will increasingly listen to you in order to build an RD Station Marketing that is more flexible and that continues to make your day-to-day routine easier.

That’s right! We read every word! We’d like to say a big thank you for the emails sent to support, for the feedback on our usability tests, for the interviews given, for the satisfaction survey comments and for the conversations we’ve had with you.

From now on, we will always tell you about how we’ve been working to develop software that is increasingly flexible for you, our customers.

New Landing Page and Pop-up editor

With the new drag ‘n’ drop interface, you’ll have more flexibility to add or swap elements: just drag ‘n’ drop! Plus, you can also create or edit Landing Page and Pop-up components directly in the preview screen, without having to leave the editor.

In addition, we restructured the entire editing workflow, making the settings screen much simpler. Along with that, we’ll also be releasing new, ready-to-go Landing Page templates.

The new editor is already being tested by hundreds of customers and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Conversion analysis

Now you can find out which channels and campaigns are generating more Leads for each published Landing Page. This makes it easier to evaluate the performance of your conversion page promotion and replicate actions on the channels that bring the highest return. You can also track the results evolution of your Landing Pages using the time filter and trend graph.

And to give you a general overview of Landing Page performance, we will soon launch the new Analysis dashboard, displaying the ranking of pages with the most conversions.

Lead Management

Exporting conversions and Leads will be faster, safer, and more visible. You will soon be able to check the history log, track progress, download the latest exports and ensure that only registered RD Station Marketing users receive the listthus increasing security and privacy.

Privacy and Security

With the aim of helping our customers improve their Digital Marketing results, while continuing to protect Leads’ privacy, we have launched a new feature: Double Opt-in Confirmation.

With the Double Opt-in option enabled, we send an automatic email following conversion in order to confirm the Lead’s interest in your content. Double confirmation ensures that new Leads are always valid and engaged contactskeeping your base clean and up-to-date. If Leads aren’t opening your emails and your campaign bounce rates won’t stop rising, why not enable this new option on your Landing Pages?

Marketing Automation

To make the creation of Workflow Automations more flexible, we will be adding the “OR” condition to entry criteria. This means that, from December onward, you will be able to select multiple conversions or segmentations for the Lead to begin going through a single workflow.

Also, in the coming months, it will be easier to choose the Leads which enter and leave workflows. To create more flexible buyer journeys, you will be able to map out paths and configure Lead entry and exit conditions visually, without having to define or calculate priorities.

“My Journey”

Continuing the same vision of constant evolution, we want to ensure an even better user experience within RD Station Marketing. To do this, we’ve developed “My Journey”, an interactive guide to help our customers achieve their first goals and improve their campaigns.

Built with the most common difficulties facing our customers and RD Station’s own Marketing experience in mind, “My Journey” presents step-by-step guides to accomplish the main tasks within RD Station Marketing. With the support of educational content and customized guides, you can set tasks, owners and deadlines according to your team’s work rate and strategy.

“My Journey” is now available in all RD Station Marketing accounts.


We understand the need to create an ecosystem of integration partners that continues to go from strength to strength.

We want to give our customers the freedom to choose the best software for their business within our App Store. That’s why we’ve been working on the new Pipedrive integration since October, one of your most frequent requests. We expect to launch it within a few months. This is yet another important step toward expanding a real community that revolves around Marketing and Sales.


Some of these new features are available in Beta versions, being tested and validated by a select group of users. All to ensure that RD Station Marketing is more flexible for you.

Other tools will be made available between December, 2018 and January, 2019. We’re telling you about this now because we believe that transparency and honesty with our customers and partners are prerequisites for an innovative product that truly makes your day-to-day life easier.

Why not start testing the new features and continue sending us your feedback?


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